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Terms and Conditions

Users and customers of Get Writer Help UK are strongly advised to read and understand the terms and conditions before using the services. In case of any disagreement with our terms and conditions, you are advised not to use our services.

Copyright and Trademark

Under the copyright laws, Get Writer Help UK holds all rights related to ownership of its web page contents including texts and images. Therefore, it cannot be copied or used without proper permission. Additionally, you cannot make any adjustments, amendments and modifications in Custom Writing Help UK’s web pages.

At Get Writer Help UK, all the trade name and service marks are thoroughly its property, as all of those trademarks are the registered trademarks of Get Writer Help UK. Therefore, there is no way to attempt any act of piracy towards the intellectual property of Get Writer Help UK.

Terms of Typographical Errors

At any situation where there is a typographical error in terms of incorrect listing of price, Get Writer Help UK possesses right of order cancellation or refusal if an order is placed on account of the incorrect listed price.

Terms of Order Termination

Get Writer Help UK possesses right to terminate order without explaining any reason. Therefore, a part of an agreement or the whole agreement can be terminated by Custom Writing Help UK.

We vow to deliver all the orders on the deadline. However, there is an exception for the orders placed on the weekend. Orders made during the weekend on the short deadline such as 2, 6, 12, and 24 hours, the orders will be delivered in the weekdays. In such case, if you are not ready to wait until weekdays, you can cancel your order.

Terms of Computer Viruses

Get Writer Help UK remains inclined to prevent the viruses from being transmitted. However, the company is not liable for the viruses you receive as a consequence of utilizing ourwriting services.
Change in Service Charges

Get Writer Help UK remains in search of introducing customer convenient and reasonable price packages, which may justify the order and deadline of the orders. On the other hand, Custom Writing Help UK holds the right of bringing amendments in its price schedules, where it is not required to give any justifications for an amended price listing.

Terms of Revision and Refund

There is no chance for getting your money back, once you have received your order. With the exception, when your credit card is charged incorrectly with an additional amount of money, you may get a refund. Nevertheless, if you are not satisfied with the order you received from us, you are open heartedly welcome to place revision request to us, even multiple times, without being hesitant.

Liability Limitations

In case of facing interruptions and delays in approaching our websites, Get Writer Help UK is not responsible for such delays. We also do not assure you that our website is completely error free; however, we keep on maintaining our web pages, in order to serve with smoother operations. Additionally, Get Writer Help UK does not guarantee you to serve you better when certain areas are beyond its control, such as links and equipment failures.

Miscellaneous Terms of Get Writer Help UK

The legislation made in the United Kingdom towards the use of the internet are to be properly gone through by the user of our websites, as we possess our legal rights to take actions against uncertainties. Moreover, no user or visitor is allowed to carry out such activity that falls under harassment or abuse, whether it is the use of offensive/violent language or any act related to obscenity. Therefore, while communicating with Get Writer Help UK through chat or e-mail, one should be cautious about his/her language use.

Notification of Changes

Get Writer Help UK holds all rights to bring changes in its policies related to terms and conditions without notifying any customers.

Service Disclaimer

Understudies concur that the exploration and composing administrations gave on the site will be utilized for reference reason as it were. The administration goes for giving an example or a model paper in order to control the understudies. Understudies must read and alter the report in like manner and shouldn’t be gone off to the college straightforwardly as being composed by the understudy.

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