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According to an Oxford dictionary, essay writing is a short piece of formal writing, which contains a detailed description of any topic required for the service. Essay is an attempt to show what one understands and his/her concept of any particular subject. Interestingly, the synonyms of essay writing are assignment, thesis, and article etc. It can be said that both are interlinked with each other because essay is the basic foundation of academic writing upon which thesis and assignments are designed. In the academic world, essay writing keeps on increasing its requirements, forms, and criteria, as the levels of grade increases, e.g. in college, students are assigned to write three paragraphs, or five paragraph essays with its proper structure, including introduction, main body, and conclusion, for which student looks for help, academic services, or to buy essays.

Various Genre of Essay Writing

Argumentative Essay

It is that genre of writing that enables writer to take a stand on any particular topic, and presents his/her arguments in the light of valid pros and cons in order to ask the readers to accept a writer’s perspective.

Narrative Essay

A genre of essay in which writer has to adopt a retrospective method of writing in order to share any experience, any memory, or to invent any fictional story, the narrative topics mostly include the day I quit smoking or How I learn being alcoholic is harmful. It’s not necessary that essay writing is only for English, but it exists in other subjects as well, like law, economics, and English literature. Let’s take a critical essay, it is a form that can give a challenging time to students, as a result of which they look for an online academic writing help. It’s a platform where professional writers offer them essay service UK and guide students by giving different suggestions, topic ideas, and writing tips. They offer cheap services not in terms of quality, but just to keep their pocket light.

Critical Essay

Do you need examples, any help to learn how you can write critical essays on different subjects which are mentioned above? First of all, tell me what you understand about critical essays? The Critical essay is a second name of a book review; it can be an article review, journal, or any novel. The name critical does not suggest the author to attempt for bitter remark on someone’s work, but to express the writer’s understanding, and views in the light of proven facts, or textual examples to justify their statements. These kinds of essay writing help in spreading information on any particular subject, and issue. Critical essays are more concerned with facts than opinions, a reader’s judgment on any literary works.


Critical Essay Topics in English Literature

WIn university level, students are mostly asked to write a critical essay on tragedy plays like;

  • Hamlet – Critically explain the Hamlet’s view on women in the light of his soliloquy in act 1& the nunnery scene.
  • Dr. Faustus – Can we say that conflict between mind& heart in Dr Faustus is actually a struggle between good and evil? Explain.
  • Macbeth – The fall of man in this play is a result of his free will or is their fate? With regard to it, critically analyze the theme of fate vs., free will.


It’s a very challenging task to write critical essay on such topics, as they need a wide and deep study to get the underneath concept. The critical essay on these topics demands the overall scenario of plot, the development of characters, character’s insight, and what style a play writer has used to make it more dramatic. Hence, with regards to it, student has to dig out literary devices, and use of tone. Every student needs professional writer help UK to write a well-analyzed essay.

Critical essay topics in Law

In this subject, the interesting topics for critical essays can be;

  • Protest against an attempt to sexual harassment on women– A movement to encourage the women power.
  • Marriage and burnt cases for dowry– with respect to the current rates of these cases now.
  • A critical essay on Education issues— with regard to the teacher’s wild behavior to abuse students

Critical essay topics for Economics

The essay topics in economics are;

  • Economic development vs. technological progress
  • Status–quo of monopoly in consumers
  • Advantages & disadvantages of fluctuation in dollar prices.

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