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Steps to Writing Nursing Essay Using Patients’ Digital Stories

Writing a complete nursing essay based on a patient's digital story involves engaging deeper into various aspects of the custom essay writing narrative to gain insights into their healthcare journey. In the blog, we help you with a detailed analysis of each element for an A Plus custom essay writing.


In developing the section introduction, briefly outline the purpose of the essay and emphasize the significance of the patient's digital story in shedding light on their healthcare experiences. Introduce the patient, offering relevant background information such as their medical history and the health condition discussed in the digital narrative in personalized essay writing.

Patient Background

Provide a more detailed account of the patient's background, including pertinent medical history, demographics, and any other relevant information that sets the context for the digital story. This lays the foundation for a more clear understanding of the patient's experiences.

Summary of the Digital Story

Offer an inclusive summary of the patient's digital story, highlighting key themes, emotions, and critical moments. Capture the essence of the narrative with an expert skilled essay writer from a cheap custom essay writing service, ensuring the reader gets a clear overview of the patient's perspective and the challenges they face within the healthcare system.

Analysis of Patient Perspective

Buy essay help from the best essay writing service to go into a deeper analysis of the patient's perspective as conveyed in the digital story. Explore the nuances of their thoughts, emotions, and perceptions throughout the healthcare journey. Consider the impact of their narrative on shaping the reader's understanding of their unique experience.

Healthcare Journey

Examine the patient's journey through the healthcare system, focusing on pivotal moments, challenges, and interactions with healthcare professionals. Evaluate how the narrative portrays the various stages of the patient's healthcare experience for a university essay writer, shedding light on both positive and negative aspects.

Communication and Empathy

Analyze the communication dynamics between the patient and healthcare professionals. Explore instances of empathy or the lack thereof, emphasizing the role of effective communication in shaping the patient's overall experience. Consider the impact of these interactions on the patient's emotional well-being. You can discuss it with writers offering cheap writing deal consultation online.

Technological Impact

Investigate the role of technology in the patient's healthcare journey, as depicted in the digital story. Discuss how digital tools influenced the patient's perception of their care, addressing both positive and negative aspects. Consider the implications of technological advancements on patient engagement and satisfaction.

Patient-Centered Care

Assess the extent to which the digital story aligns with the principles of patient-centred care. Discuss the patient's level of involvement in decision-making processes and their overall sense of agency within the healthcare system. Consider how patient-centered care contributes to a more positive healthcare experience.

Ethical Considerations

Identify and investigate any ethical dilemmas or considerations presented in the digital story. Explore how healthcare professionals navigated these challenges or opportunities, emphasizing the ethical implications of their decisions. Consider the impact of ethical considerations on the patient's trust in the healthcare system.

Interdisciplinary Collaboration

Examine the collaboration between different healthcare disciplines in the patient's care. Highlight instances of effective interdisciplinary teamwork and potential challenges. Discuss how collaborative efforts contributed to or hindered the patient's overall experience, emphasizing the importance of coordinated care.

Lessons for Healthcare Professionals

Explore the lessons that healthcare professionals can draw from the patient's digital story. Offer recommendations for improving nursing practice based on these insights, emphasizing the practical applications of the lessons learned. Consider how healthcare professionals can enhance their approach to patient care and communication.

Cultural Sensitivity

Evaluate cultural aspects presented in the digital story and their impact on the patient's healthcare experience. Discuss the implications for enhancing cultural sensitivity in nursing care, emphasizing the importance of personalized and culturally competent healthcare delivery.

Patient Empowerment

Explore moments of patient empowerment or disempowerment within the digital story. Discuss the significance of patient empowerment for overall well-being and healthcare outcomes. Consider how healthcare professionals can foster a sense of empowerment in their interactions with patients.


Summarize the key findings from the analysis, reiterating the crucial insights gained from the patient's digital story. Emphasize the implications for nursing practice and patient care, underscoring the importance of incorporating patient narratives into healthcare decision-making processes.


The last step is to ensure the inclusion of relevant sources and references, acknowledging the patient's digital story if applicable, and supporting your analysis with existing literature and research.


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