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Dissertation Writing for Sophomores


Dissertation writing is a cumbersome project for most students, involving countless hours of research, writing and redrafting prior to submission. Thankfully, best dissertation writing services ease off the academic burden from students.

Traits of a Substandard Dissertation

The following are hallmarks of a poorly composed dissertation:

  • Unclear headline
  • Destitute planning leads to disastrous writing
  • Verbal vomit from sources
  • Carrying a monotonous tone
  • Poor writing quality
  • No intention of adding value

Traits of a Competitive Dissertation

The following traits are attributed to a meticulously written dissertation:

  • Lucid objective with a well-thought thesis headline
  • Meticulously researched and planned
  • Conceptual grasp and writing skill noticeable
  • Analyzes, evaluates critically and discusses an argument from all aspects
  • Apt usage of references
  • An academic tone throughout

Researching and Planning Phase

After the writing process is complete, comes the redrafting process, repeatedly. At the very last, comes the proofreading phase, requiring an eye for detail precision.

The research and planning phase is first-half of any given dissertation. As a result, completing these two phases will result in seamless writing experience. Eleventh hour stratagem never works, rather it only adds more question marks. Numerous errands run late during this process. At the end of it all, a student has the raw material and the outline to work with.

Structural Breakdown of a Dissertation

Depending upon the institution’s requirements, they can vary. All the more, the generally followed outline of a dissertation is listed below in sequential order:

Title Page

It consists of:

  • Title
  • Name
  • Course name
  • Instructor’s name


It comprises of 6-7 lines paragraph explaining the overalls in a brief manner


Honorary mentions of individuals who helped during the research phase

Table of Contents

It comprises of sections and subheadings therein

Pictorial Diagrams

They are listed numerically to affirm comprehension


It mentions the problem statement at hand and highlights the key necessities within a dissertation.

The Body

In this section, an author explains his case in broad detail with detailed analysis, taking assistance from sources as well as furnishing facts and figures to substantiate his argument.


In conclusion, the author reinstates the stance taken at the onset of the dissertation. With sufficient analysis, he arrives at conclusion.


In this section, all the used sources are listed for verification purposes

Dos and Don’ts

A dissertation is academic poetry in full motion. The primary purpose of a dissertation assigned to students is to empower them with reading, writing and meticulous researching skills; an added arsenal in their skill development kit.

A student analyzes and using thought process to form a logical conclusion by being perceptive, analytical and lastly, critical for reaching a concrete conclusion. A formal tone is acquired in entirety of a dissertation. Refrain from slang, contractions and colloquialisms and abbreviations.

Moreover, avoid usage of third and first person. Using‘I’,‘my’ and he are highly unacceptable in this domain. Also, never use‘we’. Use‘author etc’ for reference. Every research is incomplete. Never list the problems faced during writing dissertation.

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