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Content Writing for Targeted Readers

Content writing is mostly glanced, scanned and seldom read in its entirety. The reading audience is mostly concerned with reading content intended for them. When they have seen the best, there’s no need to read the rest. Writing services UK services clients requiring content written on an urgent basis.

Below penned specifically for content writers are efficacious tips for accessing a global audience browsing on the internet:

Delivering Knockout Content

Admit it. The internet audience has the attention span of a goldfish. In a matter of 5-10 seconds, they decide whether to frequent a website for a long-term or not. A multiple factors account for capturing readers on a long-term basis such as:

  • Website navigability
  • High-quality content
  • Ease of use

Moreover, a new emerging trend (a staple one now) is using humor for longer textual content. It keeps the audience transfixed with a tinge of humor attached in case of lengthy articles. Most websites are advocating this trend.

The Inverted Pyramid

A practice mostly employed in newspapers for attracting the reader’s dwindling attention span, writers ensure to keep the clincher at the top to maximize traffic incoming on the website. By this extension, they highlight the intended information in the first paragraph followed by the less important details below for just dedicated customers. As opposed to writing detailed, lengthy and monotonous content, this strategy brings more traffic aiming a particular service in question.

Conciseness is the Key

Unless, it’s an entertainment website/ leisure website, content writing works in a fast-paced environmentFact of the matter is, content writing makes the point immediately given the intense amount of competition ensuing. Readers/ audience are usually adept at catching on to a one-liner statement selling a commodity. Lengthy details and wordplay may usually dissuade a user from delving further, given the attention span a typical internet reader has.

The Scanner/ Filter Audience

How many readers would read a 500-1000 words article? The probability is 25%. So, what gives? En Fait, the busy internet audience is mostly, scanning, skimming and cutting to the chase in finding info relevant to their knowledge bank. Once attained, they usually divert to their next target.

While visiting any x website, they will usually click on the first link of their interest. As per research, only 16% readers read an entire article. For writing scanner articles, here are a few lists:

  • Writing a clincher headline
  • Post an image as bait
  • Write informative subheadings
  • Compose bullet points

Short and concise information will usually attract readers like bees towards content.

Searched Engine Optimization (SEO)

There’s a reason search engine optimization (SEO) has soared to exponential popularity used widely due to its adept results. Search engine optimization uses specific words audience is searching on the internet as per their needs. The results generated by these hits become the prime destinations for users seeking a particular service/ product. Using a unique blend of most searched terms on internet, rope in the wandering internet audience.

The Lazy Republic

On the other hand, most readers are slow and lazy, plowing the through the text at snail’s speed. Ensure that content penned for a website incorporates the following factors:

  • Avoid fancy words
  • Avoid repeating the same drivel
  • Use 4 lines only
  • Keep it succinct
  • Talk to the audience using‘you’
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