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Recent Academic Samples

Curriculum Vitae for Event Manager

Write a Curriculum Vitae for Event Manage

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Event Manage Curriculum Vitae

Write a Curriculum Vitae for me on given details...

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Report: Business Leadership

Write a report on leadership management helding for over latest years developed as centered to comprehending of leadership.

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Is Cloning as Effective and Natural as Fertilization?

Research Proposal on any topic related to Biology Cloning can be used as an alternative of Fertilization Is cloning as effective and natural as Fertilization?

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Decision Grid for Hiring Nurses for Open-Heart Unit

Develop an appropriate decision grid for selecting which nurse to hire. You may give each criterion-weighted point so that the decision is a quantitative solution. Explain the pros and cons of using such an objective grid for hiring.

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Strategic Management

Strategy was not a lengthy action plan; it was the evolution of a central idea through continually changing circumstances. You are required to write an essay that critically evaluates this statement in a global business context providing examples wherever relevant.

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Marketing Plan for ‘Red Bull UK’ - Task 1

Prepare a three-year marketing plan for RedBull UKI am appointed as a Marketing Consultant for RedBull Uk. In this role am required to prepare a three-year marketing plan as below:Task 1. You are required to produce a summary of an environmental appraisal analysis for Red Bull in the U.K. market.

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Marketing Plan for ‘Red Bull UK’ - Task 2

Prepare a three-year marketing plan for RedBull UKTask 2. Identify two new target markets appropriate to Red Bull in the U.K. market. This must include full justification of the target markets, customer profiling and positioning

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Marketing Plan for ‘Red Bull UK’ - Task 3

Prepare a three-year marketing plan for RedBull UKTask 3. Develop differentiated marketing mixes for each target market identified in part 2 (above). This must include marketing objectives and control sections for each mix. All recommendations must be fully justified.

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Vulnerability of SCADA within Wal-Mart

Write a 4 page essay on SCADA, vulnerabilities and possible concerns for a company like Walmart. Include who, what, when, where, why and how

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The Bridge over the River Kwai 1957

Write case study about the movie “ The Bridge Over the River Kwai 1957”. 1. Summary of the main point in the move. 2. Type of leadership style for both Saito and Nicholson. 3. Leadership theory and concept in the move and provide examples from the movie. 4. Saito and Nicholson both weakness and strengths as a leader? 5. In which part of the move they apply “Maslow’s hierarchy of needs” and how this theory related to this move? 6. Conclude your essay with your opinion as leader about the move and how can the leadership style and theory in the move might affect organization or people somehow?

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