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The Bridge over the River Kwai 1957


The movie“The Bridge over the River Kwai 1957” is the memorable, epic World War II action movie. The movie open with the prisoner camp in Japan where the battle between camp commander Colonel Saito and British colonel Nicholson rages. Saito was persistent that Nicholson must order his men to build bridge over the‘river Kwai’ so that it could be used as source of transport for japans munitions. Nicholson, in spite of all persuasive Saito's devices, refuses Saito's proposal. At last, Nicholson agrees but not much cooperative with his captor to provide encouragement and morale-boosting project for the military engineers under his command. As the bridge goes up, Nicholson is obsessed with the accomplishment of the bridge with perfection. In the meantime, American POW Shears who escaped from camp saves himself from court martial by having a group of soldiers back to the camp to destroy the bridge of Nicholson. Get coursework writing help from the expert writers.

Type of Leadership Style for Saito and Nicholson

The type of leadership style identified for Saito is the task-oriented leadership style. Saito had the approach to lead the people for accomplishing the task assigned to them and he wanted the accomplishment of tasks at any cost. Later on, even Nicholson adopted the transformational leadership style even after being tortured and punished by Saito. The leadership approach by both characters is different from each other. Get assignment help UK from experts.

Leadership Theory

For the leadership style and approach adopted by the characters in the movie can be described as authoritarian and principle-centered leadership. Different examples of scene can be given to support the answer such as when Saito orders to work for the construction of bridge he got furious and threatened to have shot the soldiers. He also punished them by leaving them in the intense tropical heat. Buy dissertation online now to get good academic grades.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Saito and Nicholson as a Leader

One of the strengths of Saito was his furious and aggressive leadership style that he used to convince his men for constructing the bridge. Moreover, he was brutal and cruel in his leading way which makes him a worse leader rather than a good and effective leader. Nicholson, on the other hand, had transformational leadership style and used his leading power to drive his men effectively towards a goal. Later on, his leading power transformed into madness or obsession and this attribute contributed negatively for the accomplishment of the task he was assigned. Get essay writing service from reliable company.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

According to Maslow’s hierarchy needs a human is always in need to have satisfaction of his needs that he describes as physiological, safety, love and belonging and esteem and self-actualization needs. Since the satisfaction of these needs are compulsory, in the time of war man as soldier is more in need to have satisfaction. In the movie‘The Bridge Over the River Kwai 1957’, at many places the concepts of the theory was used such as the escape of Shears for his life is of the example of that. Need thesis writing help? We are the perfect choice.

The leadership styles used in the movie may affect the people in different ways as there were different approaches and trends observed in the movie. The most importantly task-oriented leadership style is inspiring as it is most required in the organization to accomplish given task. The movie also provides an example to apply such leadership style to achieve the goals or tasks.

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