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Is Cloning as Effective and Natural as Fertilization?

Cloning is more than just process of producing similar populations of genetically identical individuals that occurs or just creating copies of DNA fragments (Lederberg, 1996). Latest advancement is biology has emerged as a result of creation of the concept of cloning. Moreover, it is generating different questions regarding its effectiveness and natural process. Being student of Biology, I like to do research on this topic because few research works has been done on the topic of cloning so far.


Being student of Biology, cloning will be interesting topic for audience. Even though there are a lot of information and knowledge about cloning which represents different school of thought, individual perception and attitude towards cloning, but this research aims to present a comparative study of cloning and fertilization. With comparative view of this study, audience will be very much interested to know the effectiveness of cloning as compare to fertilization and whether this process is natural or not. Since reproduction of organism has been topic of general interest, this topic can be presented by in-depth explanation of entire cloning and fertilization process comparing with each other and aftermath effects of cloning on subject and object both. Stop wasting your time in thinking about double-dealers and contact us for best thesis writing.



Since the idea of cloning was heard out first time and different studies have identified its experiment, the question about cloning process is still unanswered and unsearched whether cloning is a natural process as compare to fertilization or not. Moreover, what the aftermath effects of cloning are, whether it is as effective as fertilization in terms of chances of surviving normally as a fertilized object can. Different studies have suggested that cloning is processed using cells and its production occurs in natural way, therefore, cloning is a natural process producing natural object (Russel, 2005).


This study is to be done using comparative study tool because result of study can be found by doing a comparative study. Therefore study will be comprised of descriptive as well as comparative methodology. In addition, the findings of study can be unique because there is little literature on comparative research study of cloning. We are here to guide you in all essay writing task in discount price.


Different number of sources will be used for this research study including research document, books, related articles and journals, periodicals, experiments. In order to access books, articles and journals, periodicals and other research documents online database likeEBSCOHOST


I have one year of experience working in the on-campus Biology labs.  With this job I have learned about different biology experiments and test. These experiments are done under the supervision of university professors and cover number of areas of Biology. Moreover, I have studied different research documents, research articles and mostly researches are about cloning. However, I have never done any practical experiment on cloning but I am very much familiar with the topic and aware of information sources that can be helpful in doing this study. Buy dissertation online to get high grades.

I hope my research proposal achieves to create interest in you about my topic and you would like to know more about my topic. For any question regarding my proposal, Please contact me at this address.  I am open to receive any suggestions, questions, or comments from you.


Review posted and now it's pending for approval!Review posted and now it's pending for approval!

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